What Is Real Time Service and Why Do Field Organizations Need It?

Services organizations are what keep businesses up-and-running. Services and Equipment doesn’t run by itself – people make it run. But when the equipment or service isn’t running the way it should, that is when services organizations need to step in make it all happen. Every business’s service operation is comprised of a “collection of moving parts” – including service personnel, the call center, and the installed base of systems and equipment – and that all of these components need to be working together in order to solve customer problems. A strong Mobile Field Service Software is key to your business success.

Thus, it only makes sense that since system failures occur in real time, that system “fixes” should also occur in real time. This is the principal rationale behind what most industry analysts have seen as the market’s need for wireless-based, real-time service management.

Let Your Business Drivers Direct Your selection towards Bella Solutions Field Service Software

Whichever service management software your organization ultimately chooses, it’s most important consideration should be the ability to match the benefits of the selected package directly to its unique business drivers. As such, it is critical to identify your primary business drivers before selecting the vendor and package that best meets your requirements. These business drivers, or objectives, include:

Reduced Operating Costs and Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduced number of callbacks
  • Reduced use of vehicles on non-service related activities
  • Minimized time between work completion and invoicing

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Increased service order completions
  • Improved resource utilization through more efficient dispatching
  • Better communication with field workforce
  • More accurate record-keeping
  • Automation of simple, yet time-consuming tasks

Improved Productivity of Field Service Personnel

  • More efficient scheduling and routing
  • Reduced wait time for contact, contract, or part information
  • Reduced paperwork

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

  • Quicker response time
  • Increased number of calls completed on the first visit
  • Decreased billing disputes

Better Inventory Management

  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Improved re-order program
  • Higher inventory availability

Improved Tracking and Visibility

  • Electronic service orders ensure accuracy
  • Improved vehicle, inventory, and technician location capability
  • Real-time status updates
  • Customers can initiate and check call status online

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