Recently added Field Service Software features:

Job Payments / Deposit / Prepay

  • Payments may be entered directly on the Job page with the “Payment/Deposit” button.
  • Deposits or Prepays may be entered directly on the Job page with the “Payment/Deposit” button.
  • “Total Paid” and “Balance Due” display on the Job page.
  • Payments and Balance display on Work Order and Invoice forms to send to your Customer.

Color Codes Displaying in Lists

  • Customer List – “Location Zone” column displays assigned Location Zone color codes.
  • Job List – “Job Status” column displays assigned Job Status color codes.
  • Employee List – “Employee Name” column displays assigned Employee color codes.
  • Vendor List – “Vendor Name” column displays assigned Vendor color codes.

New Customer Address Default

  • A State/Province “set as default” checkbox has been added on the Customer page to select a State/Province as the default value each time you create a new Customer.

Invoice “Bill To” Options

  • The Invoice page now allows you to select either the “Parent” or “Subsidiary” Customer as the “Bill To” Customer.

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We are listening! The new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature described below significantly enhances your ability to control access of Customer records to Account Managers, Sales Reps, Branch Managers, and more!

  • Assign a CRM access level to an “Account Manager”
  • An Account Manager is a Sales Rep, Technician, Branch Manager, Store Manager or who ever you decide to give access to a Customer record.
  • Account Managers will only be able to view Customers and Jobs they are assigned.
  • Currently, Field Resources (Technicians) may be assigned an access level to only view Jobs they are assigned.
  • This new CRM feature gives the ability to increase the access to include Customers and Jobs for the Account Manager.
  • Assign the access level in the Admin tab by editing the User and selecting the Account Manager option.

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Would I have the ability to distinguish 2 Companies within one Field Service Software Account?


Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 2:02 pm

1)  I have 2 types of service businesses under 1 corporate name, would I have the ability to distinguish the 2 entities within the same system?

2)  Is there a task filter or process that helps in suggesting workers by both availability and skills?


1) Yes,  you can use one Corporate Name with logo and profile in the system that will display on Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices.

There would be several ways to track two entities in the system. For example, you could create a custom “Customer Type” for each entity and then assign to the appropriate Customers to keep them organized. You can filter the Customer List by Customer Type.

Also, when creating a Job you could reference the entity name in the Job Name. The Job List can be sorted by Job Name.

There are endless ways to add notes, descriptions, etc… that could help distinguish between entities.

2) Currently, you can assign two work types to a worker, sales and/or service. When scheduling a Job you can filter the work list by work type then availability.

By the end of this year we are adding the ability to create and assign more work types.


Field Service Software Editable Customer ID, Job ID, Location ID

Bella Solutions Field Service Software customers can now edit the Customer ID, Job ID, and Location ID making it easier to match their current business process.

  • Customer ID, Job ID, and Location ID are now editable
  • When creating a new Customer, Job, or Location you may still enter a custom ID
  • Change ID’s at anytime
  • Only “Admin” User roles have edit rights.

Adding Users to your Bella Field Service Management Account

It is now easier than ever to add Users to your Bella Field Service Management account.

Simply click the “Click Here to Add User(s)” button in the upper right corner in the software.

Or, go to the “Admin” tab and click the left side menu “User List”. Click the “New User” button and enter the Username and Password, select the Role, and assign an Employee or Vendor.

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Field Service Management Customers automatically created in QuickBooks saving you time!

We have enhanced our Field Service Management Software integration with QuickBooks. You now have the option to include customer data with the integration. New customers you have created in Bella will be automatically created in QuickBooks. Any updated customer records in Bella will update any existing customers in QuickBooks.

  • New Customers created in Bella can be automatically created in QuickBooks.
  • On the Accounting tab “Export to QuickBooks” page check the “Include Customer Data with Export File” option.
  • New Customers created in Bella will be created in QuickBooks.
  • Customer record will include billing and shipping address, contact information, customer type, payment terms, account manager, if taxable customer, and sales tax item.
  • Also, existing Customers in QuickBooks with matching name will be updated.

Bella Field Service Management Software is also 100% web-based

Login from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Bella is 100% web-based and therefore accessible from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your operations will become more efficient which will increase in customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.

Mobile Field Service Software
Real time access anytime anywhere to data
Invoice and receive payments faster
Customer history at your fingertips
Immediate communication with field and office
Inventory availability in real-time while still on site

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Scheduling Field Technicians and Sales Reps is Challenging for Any Business

Scheduling and dispatching field technicians and sales resources are challenging for all service organizations without the right field service management software. Many organizations rely on out-of-date software, paper-based, or telephone-based processes to link field resources with the office. Traditionally, field resources have been required to physically visit an office or call office staff to receive dispatch instructions, which is costly and takes time that could be better spent servicing customers. At the remote service sites, workers often did not have ready access to the information required to complete the sales or service call on the initial visit. In addition, once a sales or service call was completed, the need for completed forms and other documents delayed the closing of the service order, which in turn delayed billing and reduced customer satisfaction. Bella Field Service Management Software web based technology enables field service organizations to automate their schedules and dispatch processes, thereby reducing office costs and increasing technician and sales productivity. See immediate results to your bottom line.

Scheduling with Bella Field Service Management Software is quick and easy:

  • Easily view schedules for all field resources from any computer, laptop, or PDA.
  • Schedule and re-schedule with just one click.
  • Make quick updates by dragging and dropping appointments.
  • Automate email and text reminders to alert field resources.
  • Filter scheduling calendar by customized color codes.

Mobile Field Service Management Software
Watch a short video about our service scheduling software on YouTube:
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Video Tutorials Added in Service Scheduling Software

We have begun adding video tutorials in our flagship Service Scheduling Software to help you get the most value out of the solution. Bella is extremely flexible and can be used in many ways to match your business process.

We are continually and pleasantly surprised to hear of the unique ways our Clients use Bella Service Scheduling Software for their business!

All videos are located in the FAQ tab. In addition, each tab’s Help page located in the left side menus contain videos.

This is just a start. We will be adding more videos on a weekly basis. We encourage you to provide us feedback on specific subjects to add. Send us an email or post a comment on our Blog to share ideas with the Bella community.

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Text Alert Enhancement for our Service Scheduling Software

Further enhancing our Service Scheduling Software we have added the ability to send text alerts to your field technicians and sales team for new Jobs they are assigned.

In the same location as the email options on the Job page you will see the option to send a text alert to the Field Resource.

You may customize the text message and set a reminder. The character limit is 140. If you check the text alert option a default text message appears using the Job information. If the text is too long it will be truncated.

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We have added more enhancements to Bella’s Field Service Software based on customer feedback:

Color Codes

You now have the ability to assign a color to a Zone, Job Status, Employee, and Vendor.
A “Color Code View” filter has been added to the Calendar. You have the option to view the Calendar by each of the following:

  • Job Status Color Codes
  • Zone Color Codes
  • Field Resource Color Codes

Reporting Enhancements

The reporting feature for the Customer and Job List has been enhanced to include all data fields. This will allow you to easily run Customer Reports. For example:

  • Run report for Referral Sources to Excel and chart where your leads are coming from to focus marketing efforts.
  • Run report for Location Zones to Excel and chart the locations of your Customers to maximize resources.
  • Run a Weekly or Monthly Job Report for a real time view into your business.

Custom Forms

We have added HTML text editing capability to the Form Customization in the Admin tab. This will allow you to change font size, bold font, align text, and much more.

Also, the HTML text editor is available when adding a Customer Note on the Estimate and Invoice page.

Data Search

We have added the powerful AJAX search feature when adding Job Items. The “Item Name” and “Item Description” search box is located at the top of the Job Items list on the Job page. Simply start typing in one of the text boxes and the list will narrow with each letter entered.

We have added the “Customer Name” AJAX search on the Job Lists in the Jobs tab. It is located in the left side menus along with the Job Name, Job Description, and Job ID search.

This provides the capability to quickly search your entire companies Job List by Customer Name. As always, you can search by Job Name, Description, and ID.

Crew Management

In the Scheduling tab left side menus “Crew Management” options have been added.

Click “New Crew” and add Field Resources as “Crew Members” then save. The Crew will be available in the Field Resource drop down when scheduling a new Job.

If a Crew is assigned to a Job Appointment, the appointment will be displayed on each Crew Member’s schedule.

Customized Calendar Views

In the “Scheduling” tab left side menus you will see several options for customizing each Calendar view.

The selected fields will display on your calendar and the calendar export PDF.

Optimize your view of the Day, 5 Day, 7 Day, Week, and Month calendar display.

Email Alerts for Work Orders

When creating a Work Order at the bottom appointment section select the option to email the Work Order PDF to your Customer and Field Resource.

You also have the option to set an email reminder for the Field Resource.


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