What Is Real Time Service and Why Do Field Organizations Need It?

Services organizations are what keep businesses up-and-running. Services and Equipment doesn’t run by itself – people make it run. But when the equipment or service isn’t running the way it should, that is when services organizations need to step in make it all happen. Every business’s service operation is comprised of a “collection of moving parts” – including service personnel, the call center, and the installed base of systems and equipment – and that all of these components need to be working together in order to solve customer problems. A strong Mobile Field Service Software is key to your business success.

Thus, it only makes sense that since system failures occur in real time, that system “fixes” should also occur in real time. This is the principal rationale behind what most industry analysts have seen as the market’s need for wireless-based, real-time service management.

Let Your Business Drivers Direct Your selection towards Bella Solutions Field Service Software

Whichever service management software your organization ultimately chooses, it’s most important consideration should be the ability to match the benefits of the selected package directly to its unique business drivers. As such, it is critical to identify your primary business drivers before selecting the vendor and package that best meets your requirements. These business drivers, or objectives, include:

Reduced Operating Costs and Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduced number of callbacks
  • Reduced use of vehicles on non-service related activities
  • Minimized time between work completion and invoicing

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Increased service order completions
  • Improved resource utilization through more efficient dispatching
  • Better communication with field workforce
  • More accurate record-keeping
  • Automation of simple, yet time-consuming tasks

Improved Productivity of Field Service Personnel

  • More efficient scheduling and routing
  • Reduced wait time for contact, contract, or part information
  • Reduced paperwork

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

  • Quicker response time
  • Increased number of calls completed on the first visit
  • Decreased billing disputes

Better Inventory Management

  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Improved re-order program
  • Higher inventory availability

Improved Tracking and Visibility

  • Electronic service orders ensure accuracy
  • Improved vehicle, inventory, and technician location capability
  • Real-time status updates
  • Customers can initiate and check call status online

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iPad and Droid Mobile Field Service Software Value Proposition

The benefits of mobile real-time field service software are many, both for the organization’s service personnel, as well as the customers they support. Through the use of online mobile workforce management the organization’s service personnel gain the ability to:

  • Anywhere, anytime access using mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Droid phones and tablets
  • Instantly view service level, equipment warranty, and contract information
  • Enter labor and travel times, record cause and repair codes, and allocate parts
  • Close and invoice work orders onsite with the customer

However, just as importantly, the organization’s service customers can also:

  • Take an active role in their own customer service
  • Electronically initiate service requests and monitor call status
  • Get immediate answers to their service questions online

This, in turn, enables the service organization to:

  • Manage its service and sales operations with one tool from a single source
  • Coordinate the actions of its service people, call center, and entire back office -continuously and seamlessly
  • Give its service people and customers online access to vital service information
  • Track the technician time and parts associated with each service call or contract
  • Set the stage for controlled inventory to help keep costs down
  • Facilitate the streamlined flow of information between and among dispatch, finance, purchasing, and inventory
  • Ensure that customer service level commitments are being met
  • Review comprehensive reports to get a clear picture of the operation’s profitability

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Adding Users to your Bella Field Service Management Account

It is now easier than ever to add Users to your Bella Field Service Management account.

Simply click the “Click Here to Add User(s)” button in the upper right corner in the software.

Or, go to the “Admin” tab and click the left side menu “User List”. Click the “New User” button and enter the Username and Password, select the Role, and assign an Employee or Vendor.

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SSL Encryption Implemented Providing Increased Data Security

Bella Solutions takes the security and privacy of your company data very serious when using our online service management software. We implemented 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL) which secures your data when accessing information over the internet. This is the same technology used by banks, financial institutions, and most large companies.

In addition, your data is secure and backed up daily on our servers hosted at a leading managed hosting provider Rackspace.com. Rackspace offers a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and considered one of the leaders in managed hosting. You own your company data and may freely export at anytime with our reporting features.

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Tips for Best-in-Class Field Service Management Firms

Field Service Management Tips along with using our flagship product https://www.bellafsm.com/

1) Invest more energy in forecasting and planning technician capacity and work order demand. About 58% of companies that participated in this study do not forecast service demand, and 63% do not forecast service supply, or they rely on spreadsheets for this purpose. With a more preemptive approach to service chain planning, companies can reach new performance heights with such tactics as prepositioning technicians to meet anticipated customer demand.

2) Adopt an enterprise-wide perspective. About 11% of companies surveyed currently optimize field service management software and delivery on an enterprise wide basis. The rest optimize on a divisional or regional basis, or not at all.

While it may be unreasonable to expect average or laggard firms with limited field service technology experience to immediately embark on an enterprise-wide deployment of service optimization, it should be every company’s ultimate goal to optimize on this scope. It might indeed be necessary for your company to begin with local or regional pilot programs to secure executive or IT buy-in.

But with an enterprise-wide view, a service optimization program can appropriately weigh all relevant schedule constraints, more effectively allocate human and inventory assets, and provide more accurate control and reporting of overall service chain performance.

Your objective should be to provide service consistency for customers who interact with multiple divisions or regions of your company. For instance, if one division offers 2-hour appointment windows, then all divisions should strive for the same level of service.

3) Adopt a two-pronged approach to measuring the efficacy of your field service management software efforts. First, track operational metrics that include the following:

  • First-call resolution rate
  • Average daily work orders completed per technician
  • Service contract compliance percentage
  • Average hours per technician per day spent working on customer sites
  • Percentage of work orders completed late
  • Average travel time per work order
  • Overtime hours per month

Just as importantly, if not more so, companies should also track customer-facing metrics such as customer retention rates, contract renewals, contract compliance, percentage of service contracts with priority-based time constraints, and service revenue growth.

It is critical for companies to adopt a customer-first mentality and weigh every decision regarding field service technology, process, strategy, and performance against the backdrop of customer impact.

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Business Tips for Field Service Organizations Trying to Streamline Operations

1) Move toward real-time schedule assessment. Fully 74% of companies are either aligning service supply and demand on a daily batch basis or not at all. Due to the dynamic nature of the service chain, it is imperative for companies to more frequently assess the cost-effectiveness of their service schedules.

2) Document all constraints that impact field service work order allocation, as part of an initial requirements definition exercise. This will lay the foundation for building an optimization program that is aligned with your company’s unique business goals. As a starting point, consider constraints in these three categories:

  • Technician-based constraints (e.g., skill sets, physical location, local geographic knowledge, preference for location and type of work)
  • Environment-based constraints (e.g., road and weather conditions)
  • Business-based constraints (e.g., marketing campaigns, SLA commitments, overtime restrictions, customer preferences, inventory, equipment, and vehicle availability)

One European telecommunications company with 20 million customers found its requirements extremely complex, with multiple categories of asset type, technician aptitude, and geographic locale. The company opted for a real-time service optimization solution that allowed it to manage task interdependencies so the same technician could complete related jobs in the right order, with minimal waste and excess travel.

3) Take stock of your existing and planned technology investments. More than one third of companies interviewed rely on spreadsheets to schedule service work orders. But without the aid of service management software that can automatically calculate optimal workload allocation based on predefined and prioritized constraints, real time service optimization is impossible.

Companies that have already deployed ERP, order management, CRM, or service management systems are well positioned to add service optimization functionality.

When evaluating optimization solution providers, companies especially in the mid-market should be sure that full integration with existing systems is possible without unreasonable extensions to the implementation timeline or price hikes.

Mobility is an essential component of any service optimization solution to enable real-time communication with field technicians. Handheld wireless devices establish the critical dynamic link between service chain planning and execution. Companies should carefully weigh the costs associated with equipping their field forces with mobile devices and select a solution that delivers adequate functionality to the field and allows for rapid but cost-effective deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Bella Solutions Offers All-Inclusive Service Management Software Application

Bella Solutions, a prominent provider of web based solutions, is committed to automate its client’s organization by offering low cost and powerful solutions. The Bella Service Management Software offered by the company is affordable, reliable and perfect to cater to one’s business management requirements. Service Management Software enables a business owner to streamline his business operations and to operate them from a single point. By centralizing the business operations at one single point, the users get an opportunity to expand their business and to enhance its productivity. The utilization of this software is recommended by the experts as it reduces the probability of recurring errors. At Bella Solutions, the user is not required to purchase any expensive or complicated hardware for accessing Bella mobile field service.

The services software offered by Bella Solutions is flexible, user friendly and easily tailors to one’s business requirements. The company has bought into use some of the latest technologies to improve the performance of the software. The software offered by the company is efficient enough to resolve the routine operations in business like scheduling, employee and customer management, vendor management, and more. The vendor management tool helps the user in tracking the vendors of his firm like subcontractors, consultants, suppliers, etc. It gives access to the vendor like subcontractor to update their job progress and schedule. Apart from this, one can easily handle bills and checks from vendors and can view balances and all vendor transactions with the help of this tool.

At Bella Solutions, the team of highly skilled experts utilizes state-of-art technology for providing the clients with effective Service Management Software. This software helps the users to keep track of available and utilized resources. It is preferred over the traditional client-server software due to its advantage of being cheaper, user friendly, and reliable. The company hosts and maintains the Service Management Software in a secure environment. One can easily avail the services offered by the company by paying small monthly charges. The clients are also offered two week free trial in order to evaluate the performance of the software. For more information on the software solutions offered by Bella Solutions, please browse through Bella Field Service Software

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Service Management Software Reduces Offices Costs And Increases Business Productivity

For 10 years, Bella Solutions has been providing its clients with highly dependable and cost-effective field service management software. It has been offering its clients efficient service software which is helpful in increasing their business’s productivity and profits. The job management software provided by the company is equipped with unique features which make it must-installed in every business. The efficient field management services offered by it streamline one’s business processes without changing their way of doing business. Bella Solutions maintains the service software in a safe and secure SaaS environment and the data of the company utilized by it can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere via internet.

Bella Solutions provides the customers with an ease of personalizing the software as per their requirements. In this manner, they can avail the benefits offered by it within their budget. This software is a reliable alternative against the traditional client-server software, paper-based, and telephone-based processes which are used to link field service resources with the office. The experts of the company understand the fact that every organization faces challenges related to field services like scheduling and dispatching. Field service software provides the users with an ability to automate their organization and to save its resources. It enables the user to keep an account of the availability and utilization of resources. It helps them to organize mismanage resources which ultimately deters the occurrence of errors.

At Bella Solutions, the customers are provided with a 15 day free trial before buying the service management software. This trial helps them to evaluate the performance of the software. In order to avail this unique facility, the clients have to fill out a form provided at the company’s website. They are provided with an access to all software features and with free support during the trial period as an ongoing client. By opting for the service offered by Bella Solutions, one can enjoy several benefits including optimized scheduling, maximized field employee’s time, less paperwork, reduction the occurrence of errors with software automation, ease of management, and increased client satisfaction.

Save Time And Cost With Service Management Software

Bella Solutions flagship product, www.bellafsm.com is one of the top providers of custom built web based service management software that helps business organizations to organize their field service activities, without changing their methods of performing business operations. The company offers easily customizable solutions that can be personalized by the users as per their convenience. The service software solutions offered by the knowledgeable experts of Bella Solutions are helpful to their clients in meeting the specific requirements of their business at affordable prices as compared to the price charged by traditional client-server software providers. All the solutions offered by the company are highly cost-effective and are maintained in a safe and secure environment. For over 15 years, the highly experienced and skilled professionals of Bella Solutions have been serving medium and large sized business organizations with highly effective and efficient software solutions.

Every business organization has to face a large number of challenges while carrying out field services like scheduling and dispatching in an efficient and organized manner. In order to overcome these challenges, many firms rely on traditional and out-dated software solutions or paper or telephone based processes for carrying out their routine activities. All these methods are highly expensive and time consuming and they also have a negative impact on the performance of an organization. Bella Solutions offers highly professional service management software solutions which automate the business processes of its clients. These solutions have proved to be user-friendly and have enabled the clients to save a significant amount of their financial resources and efforts, and have also contributed to enhancing their business productivity.

The service management software solutions offered by Bella Solutions are also helpful to businesses in saving a large amount of time which can be better utilized for serving their customers. Besides this, these solutions also provide the staff at remote service sites with access to useful information related to their company. These solutions of the company have helped in carrying out all the activities ranging from receiving service calls to form and documents completion, in an ordered manner and have also helped the clients in gaining complete customer satisfaction. The company is thus, the leading provider of easy-to-use, scalable and dependable software solutions that help organizations in managing their field activities and increase their profits and productivity.

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Streamline Your Business Operations With Service Management Software Solutions From Bella Solutions

Bella Solutions has been a leader in offering its clients easily accessible and affordable field service management software solutions for over 15 years. The company is known for providing efficient solutions that are designed using latest technologies in order to simplify field service business from any internet enabled computer. The firm has a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who are committed towards offering unique solutions that are helpful in improving the field service software performance of their clients. The services offered by the professionals of Bella Solutions help the clients in carrying out their routine operations like software of employees and customers, maintenance of accounts, scheduling and more in an organized and efficient manner.

Bella Solutions offers a complete range of field service management software solutions that allow the users to properly manage the hardware and software which ultimately helps them in saving their time, money and efforts. The services offered by the company are also helpful to people in enhancing their profits as these enable them to focus on their core business operations. They also allow the users to handle vendors, jobs, work orders, estimates, invoices, and more in a simple and effective manner. Field service software solutions provided by the company are also helpful in reducing the response time which helps the company to gain complete client satisfaction. These solutions are highly advantageous as they help the users in enhancing their profits by organizing and streamlining their Field Service business operations.

The experts of Bella Solutions use advanced technology with an aim to provide the users with a flexible way for maintaining competitive advantage and achieving their business goals. The solutions are a easy to use as they do not require the installation of any complicated software or hardware. These solutions lead to reduced paper work which thus, helps in saving time and reducing errors. The easy-to-use and reliable field service software solutions provided by the firm can be used by paying a nominal, month by month subscription fee without signing any long-term contract.

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