Frequent Questions

Why Bella Solutions for field service software?

  • It’s a completely web-based hosted software application – No hardware installation or purchase, no software installation or purchase. Just a simple web browser interface needed for a software application we maintain to make running your service business operations as easy as possible.
  • We offer a competitive monthly subscription fee – No expensive software or hardware to be purchased, maintained, or upgraded. Just a low monthly fee for our valuable services.
  • It’s easy to use – Bella Solutions easy to learn and use web-based solution saves time and effort that can better be directed towards increased customer service and satisfaction to maximize profits.
  • It can easily export data – Data can be shared with Outlook and QuickBooks, as well as others, through a simple data exporting process.
  • We tailored our software application to fit your service business needs – Our flexible solution immediately adapts to your service business needs..
  • We provide easy to access Customer Support – Although our web-based solution is extremely easy to use, we are here to help.
  • There’s no risk or commitment necessary – There are no long-term subscription commitments to get started with Bella Solutions. Still not sure if our system is for you? Why not take a two week free trial. We are confident after experiencing the added value our web-based solution create…you’ll let us help you streamline your business for years to come.

Yeah, But Will It Work For My Business?

  • It works for any field service business in any industry – Flexibility and a wide range of service industries are a principal focus of our web-based solution. If it’s a field service business, Bella Solutions is for you.
  • It cooperates with non-computerized paperwork – Even if your employees are more comfortable producing paper Work Orders and summaries, our solution will provide added value and integration.

Is it Safe to Use an Online Web-Management System?

  • We Keep Your Data Private – No individual without an authenticated user id and password can or will view your data. Please refer to the Bella Solutions Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement.
  • We Take Advanced Security Measures – Advanced Secure Socket Layering and reinforced Firewall’s protect the integrity and security of both you and your clients data.
  • We Back Up All Your Data – All data is within the Bella Solutions Database is backed-up daily and multiple copies of these backups are stored for extra protection against an unlikely event of a failure.
  • You can download your data at any time.