Bella Announces Electronic Signature Capture – eSignature

Reston, Virginia – December 2, 2014 – Bella, a recognized software developer specialized in the Field Service Industry, recently added electronic signature capture. This software enhancement further streamlines business operations allowing for a true paperless process.

Bella eSignature provides the ability to electronically capture customer signatures on Estimate, Work Order, and Invoice PDF’s creating a true paperless process from beginning to end streamlining job management. The signed document will be date stamped and stored in the customer’s service history database for future reference and may be emailed to the customer. This results in significant time savings, reduced errors, faster payments, more satisfied customers, and increased business.

Bella eSignature will function on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets such as iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Notes, Droids, and most all other mobile devices. Users of Bella are able to easily create an Estimate, Work Order, or Invoice then capture the customer signature with the click of a button.

Electronic Signature Capture

“The addition of eSignature substantially improves efficiency of field sales and technicians and elevates customer satisfaction” explained John Linn, CEO of Bella. “Everyone at Bella  would like to thank our clients who offer real-world feedback on usability, helping us continually refine our features and functionality to improve our customer’s day-to-day business operations and satisfaction.

Bella is a brand trusted by companies worldwide to simplify estimating, work order management, scheduling and dispatch, billing and accounting, employee and vendor management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By introducing eSignature, Bella significantly expands the capabilities of its software-as-a-service offering.

About Bella

Bella is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider specialized in field service management solutions for a wide range of industries including property management, cleaning, IT services, and contractors. The company was founded in 2005 and serves clients worldwide from its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia and satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Web-based field service management, niche Apps for IOS and Android


Oct. 31, 2013 William and Patti Feldman

Smartphone software can provide anything from nuts-and-bolts field service management to an at-the-ready beacon to help you find your way in the dark or provide a spotlight on the work at hand.

Bella web-based field service management software, Bella FSM, is designed to manage a small or medium sized field service business from any computer, laptop, iPad and Android tablet, iPhone and Android smartphones, with real time updating of data from any device.

The solution includes job/work order management, scheduling optimization, and customer relationship, and employee relationship (field technicians, sales, and office staff) with the ability to track company equipment assigned to each employee and track labor hours for up-to-date payroll information, and vendor management. Bella also handles estimates, billing, invoicing, and accounting, and can easily import and export your data for use with QuickBooks, Outlook and other commonly used software applications using a standard spreadsheet format.

Job/Work Order Management capabilities enable users to track job progress from estimate to invoice in the office and in the field. Users can e-mail estimates, work orders, and invoices directly to customers and maintain and display job cost and expenses for partial invoicing, outstanding invoices, and paid invoices from any device.

Scheduling capabilities include calendar views by one day, five days, seven days, or month and include the ability to assign color codes to field resources and see the job status for each project on the calendar. The software supports scheduling by a specific field resource’s availability or by an open time slot on the scheduling calendar and the sending of text alerts to assigned technicians for emergency dispatch. Schedulers can drag-and-drop recurring job appointments on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Users can assign color codes to field resources and job status which will display on the calendar. The program integrates with Google Maps for directions and route optimization.

The solution, which supports uploading of photos, contracts, and other documents in the field as attachments, has the ability to manage multiple contacts and multiple locations for each customer and details on each customer’s specific equipment and price levels.

The accounting tools enable users to create estimates, work orders, and partial and completed invoices for customers on any device. Items in the item list include service, inventory parts, non-inventory parts, other charges, discounts and sales tax. Users can customize terms and forms, and can create custom data fields for each customer and job/work order page. For example, a check list can be created for the service tech to fill in while onsite either electronically on a mobile device or on a printed work order PDF.

The software supports import and export of data for use with QuickBooks, Outlook and other commonly used software applications using a standard spreadsheet format. Reporting capabilities include job reports, customer reports, marketing reports, payroll, time sheets and accounting reports.

Data is continually backed up and protected with the latest in firewall, encryption and intrusion detection technologies. Management can set up multiple levels of access limiting the rights and permissions of each employee, vendor, and standard user to view and access data, with administrator user access enabling access to all areas of the software.

Nifty apps for smartphones

Super Bright Flashlight by Intellectual Flame Co. supports all android devices. It offers very bright illumination and can also be used in strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller. Requires Android 1.6 and up.

Flashlight for iPhone V. 2.1.2includes a built-in Compass Mini Map, strobe mode with 10 different frequencies, and an SOS signal.

iHandy Carpenter 2.2.1 offers a kit of five tools that could come in handy in a pinch. They include a plumb bob, a surface level, a bubble level bar, a steel protractor that measures angles from 0 to 180 degrees, and a steel rule that supports both inches and centimeters and that, by swiping left and right, can measure things much longer than your iPhone.

Your Magnifying Glass v1.9.0.2 magnifier with light for Android phones (Your Apps, available free at the Google store, requires Android 2.1 and up) magnifies text and anything else. The user chooses the zoom level with a slider or by using the phone’s volume up and down, or via pinch and zoom gestures. The image can be frozen using the camera button.

Producteev 6.0.5 task manager for IOS and Android phones is designed for managing tasks on web, mobile, desktop or via e-mail. The app enables the user to assign tasks, and add due dates, labels, and notes, track progress, and measure results for an unlimited number of projects.

Bill and Patti Feldman write articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. They can be reached at

Bella Field Service Software Version 5.2 Improves Scheduling, Communication, and Coordination

Reston, Virginia – October 29, 2013 – Bella Solutions, a recognized software developer specialized in technology for Field Service Industries, recently launched Version 5.2. This upgrade notably simplifies the task of jobs scheduling and dispatch, resource allocation, and real-time communication between office and field.

In response to customer input, Bella Field Service Software version 5.2 now offers custom data field inputs, email and text alert default settings, and work order tracking. The company also launched enhancements to its calendaring feature to make dispatch more efficient and organized.

Custom Data Field Inputs: The Work Order interface has been enhanced to allow for three different types of custom data fields including standard text, a check box, or a drop-down menu with a custom list of options. With this enhancement customers may now create a custom checklist, or survey, and much more.

Email and Text Alert Default Settings: To save users time and notably enhance their experience, Bella Solutions now offers auto-population of job information within email alerts sent to customers, technicians, and sales representatives when jobs are scheduled. Email settings are customizable to automatically include the customer name, job status, service location, start or end date and time, work type, or other important information within the subject or body of the email. Users may also opt for a customized email signature.

Work Order Email Settings - Bella Solutions

Work Order ‘Created By/On’ Stamp: To boost tracking and accountability, Bella Field Service Software version 5.2 now offers the option to display who created each Work Order and the date and time created. A date and time stamp is also displayed when the Work Order is modified for tracking purposes.

Enhanced Scheduling and Dispatch: Bella now shows each field resource within their own column when using the calendar ‘Day’ view, with the option to color code each individual and display either their full name or initials. Appointments may be drag-and-dropped efficiently into another time slot or assigned to a different Field resource. Additional calendaring enhancements include more prominently highlighted unassigned jobs and color coding capabilities to customize Location Zones and group appointment Job Status.

Bella Solutions Field Service Scheduling Software - Dispatch Board

“Our latest enhancements improve dispatch efficiency, optimize technician time in the field, and elevate overall usability,” explained John Linn, CEO of Bella Solutions. “Everyone at Bella Solutions would like to thank those users who offered real-world feedback on usability, helping us continually refine our features and functionality to improve our customer’s day-to-day business operations and job satisfaction.

Learn more about Bella Solutions and its Field Service Management Software at

About Bella Solutions
Bella Solutions is a leading Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider specialized in field service management solutions for a wide range of industries including Construction, Property Management, Cleaning Services, Window Washing, Carpet Cleaning, and IT service firms. The company was founded in 2005 and serves clients nationwide from its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia and satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Optimized Field Service for Enhanced Customer Experience – Part 4 of 10 to make your business more efficient with Field Service Software

Part 4 of 10 in our “Make Your Business More Efficient With Field Service Software” series will discuss optimized field service operations to enhance the customer experience and grow your business.

Field Service Technicians are often the only representative that ever set foot on a customer site for service activities. In many cases, the type of service done or information communicated by field technicians is the primary way for customers to truly measure the integrity, credibility, effectiveness, and overall impression of the service organization. As a result, a good field service experience can make all the difference in determining customer loyalty and future business.

  • Field Service is more than just scheduling the right tech. Scheduling the technician has high stakes when it comes to field service, but in order to drive the customer experience organizations must ensure resolution. Customers look to the service organization to not only route a technician but to get assets back up and running the first time.
  • Customer satisfaction is a leading indicator to field service success. Competitive factors continue to elevate the importance of providing value-added services for customers. Top performing organizations exceed customer expectations and SLA’s in order to retain valuable customers. All service functions need to keep the customer and their needs at the forefront of each decision.
  • Compliance is a good first step, the next is service excellence. Top performing service organizations have been able to achieve measurable performance improvements in retention, satisfaction, and revenue generated from customers through going beyond just meeting customer needs. SLA’s should be a baseline of performance, the goal of service must be to continuously improve the value being provided to customers and ensure the entire service organization has them in mind during each interaction.

Bella Field Service Optimization

To achieve optimized field service, empower your technicians with Bella Solutions to access customer data in the field while on customer site. Technicians will have access to service history, ability to upload and download documents and photos, invoice capability, and real time communication with office staff. Just imagine how this will enhance your customers experience!

Define Your Service Delivery Process – Part 3 of 10 to make your business more efficient with Field Service Software

In part 3 of this 10 part series we will discuss the need to define your service delivery process. Whether developing new service processes or restructuring existing processes, it is important to map out the entire life cycle of a service ticket, from creation to scheduling to dispatch and finally completion.

Whether you are a small business with a couple employees or a large corporation with thousands of employees the need to involve all impacted stakeholders in the development of your service delivery is vital. Map out each process from receiving an initial lead to providing an estimate to winning the business to providing service to receiving payment. Get an understanding from each stakeholder of what their needs are.

A solid service delivery software should give you the visibility, control and automation needed to provide quality service, addressing all stages of the service life cycle and use of a servicing app.

Key components of the service delivery process:

  • Provide a self-service customer portal
  • Automate provisioning of field resources
  • Increase availability of resources with real-time monitoring
  • Combine the service management process into one solution
  • Provide integration with other Web-based tools to improve overall business management
  • End-to-end view into the entire process

Bella Solutions service delivery software provides the critical components for your business to greatly improve processes. Our customers, big and small can attest to the success they are achieving. Be sure to measure the efficiency of your improved service delivery process and continually make adjustments.

Bella Field Service Software Introduces API Integration with SugarCRM

Reston, VA (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

Bella Solutions, maker of the web-based mobile field service management software, today announced the availability of its new API enabling integration with SugarCRM. Customers using Sugar CRM to manage their sales, marketing, and customer support functions can now use this new API to seamlessly integrate customer data between the two systems.

Multiple Database Migration

Bella Solutions is a brand trusted by companies nationwide to simplify estimating, job management, scheduling, billing and accounting, employee and vendor management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By introducing API integration, Bella significantly expands the capabilities of its software as a service offering. Built-in tools further support programmers looking to extend this interactivity to any other application with an API.

“We’re thrilled to help our customers easily integrate with SugarCRM, one of the fastest-growing customer relationship management companies in the world,” explained John Linn, CEO of Bella Solutions. “By enabling seamless integration with this popular, full-featured CRM solution, we notably improve operational efficiencies – eliminating redundant data entry along with the associated potential for error.” SugarCRM provides calendaring, call center, email, project management, and reporting features, accessible via any web-enabled computer or mobile device, for numerous Bella customers.

Moving forward, Bella Solutions will continue investing in product enhancements that simplify their customer’s workflow and enhance the user experience. To learn more about Bella Solutions or the company’s innovative field service software, visit

About Bella Solutions

Bella Solutions is a leading Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider specialized in field service management solutions for a wide range of industries including property management, cleaning, IT services, and contractors service firms. The company was founded in 2005 and serves clients worldwide from its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia and satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia.

SugarCRM API Integration with Bella Field Service Software

Bella Field Service Management Software has developed an API to integrate with SugarCRM API. Bella customers using SugarCRM for customer management and marketing may continue to do so and may now connect their customer data with Bella for field service management and support.

There are many benefits to an API. The largest benefit is the significant decrease in internal costs by eliminating the need for employees to re-enter data that is already captured by another application. Programmers are provided with a powerful but simple set of tools that work within the software application. This allows programmers to greatly extend the capability of the interaction between products.

Bella Solutions API

SugarCRM provides a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing solution for small, medium and large size businesses. Combined with Bella Solutions companies now have a complete solution providing a competitive advantage in this challenging economy.

Imagine how streamlined an organization will become by integrating all of these functions:

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Tracking
  • Sales Appointment Scheduling
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Account Management
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • Accounting

In addition, the new Bella API is available for programmers to integrate with any other applications that have an API. This capability is a significant enhancement for Bella Solutions and will greatly extend our product offering.

To discuss how your organization can benefit using this API please call us at 800-391-2191 or use this contact form.

Equipment Service Software for Maintenance and Tracking of Equipment

Powerful Equipment Service Software added to Bella Field Service Management for maintenance and tracking of equipment. Many of our clients service onsite customer equipment on a one time basis or ongoing maintenance under a service contract. With Bella, our clients will now be able to streamline this service and easily track history and future service.

Whether you are dispatching field technicians to customer sites using equipment maintenance software, for scheduled service, or emergency repairs, Bella will ensure your employees and vendors have real-time visibility into complete customer history, maintenance contracts and billing details all in one place. Bella Solutions is 100% web-based, the solution is accessible from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet 24/7.

Equipment Service Software

In addition to onsite customer equipment service this new feature can be used to track company equipment that is moved from location to location to provide service to customers. Create a list of company equipment and assign to a customer job. When the job is complete the equipment can be assigned to another customer job and the history of that equipment is saved.

Just a few of the benefits of Bella Equipment Service Software:

  • Know the detailed service history for each piece of equipment you service
  • Know the warranty dates on each piece of equipment you sell so you can bill service work accurately and know when to offer a service contract
  • Keep track of a piece of equipment as it moves between customers or contracts
  • Automatically schedule preventive maintenance service work on equipment that is under contract
  • Price your service contracts based on rates per piece of equipment on the contract
  • Immediately know whether a piece of equipment is covered by a service contract
  • Make sure you propose a service contract on every piece of equipment you sell
  • Know the profitability and repair history of each model of equipment you service

Bella Solutions Easy-to-Use Field Service Scheduling Software Feature Enhancement

We are excited to announce a new feature in Bella Field Service Scheduling Software that makes scheduling easier than ever! This has been a long awaited enhancement for our customers making service dispatch more and more streamlined.

In the calendar Day view you can now see each Field Resource (Technician, Sales Rep, Subcontractor, etc…) in their own column. This provides a much clearer view of the daily schedule and easy modifications with drag and drop functionality.

Here are a few highlights of the new feature:

  • Option to set the Field Resource to display by initials or their full name
  • Drag and drop appointments to another time slot
  • Drag and drop appointments to another Field Resource
  • Easily see Unassigned Jobs and drag to a time and Field Resource to dispatch
  • Assign a color code to each Field Resource for easy visual scheduling
  • Assign color codes to customizable Location Zones and Job Status’ to group appointments and optimize your technicians time in the field

In today’s competitive environment your business needs to have the advantage of Bella Dispatch Software. Optimize your workforce and business with:

  • Real time communication between office and technicians to manage field service issues
  • Optimize allocation of field resources to meet anticipated workload
  • Ensure your commitments to your customer can be supported by the service team
  • Easily manage multiple service locations for your business from one system
  • Determine the size, skill, and availability of the workforce you place in each location

As always, Bella Solutions is 100% web-based and accessible from any mobile device including iPad’s, Androids, and all smartphones. We will be announcing more exciting features in the very new future. Stay tuned!

Bella Field Service Software Enhances Product Features in Version 5.2

We recently launched Bella Field Service Software v5.2 which includes several enhancements to further streamline operations for businesses in the Field Service Industry. These enhancements are a direct result of our customer’s feedback. We continue to develop and build the software based on customer needs.

Bella Solutions v5.2 includes several enhancements in addition to the following examples:

  • Custom Data Field Input Options – Bella already had the ability to add custom data fields to the Customer profile page and Job page which had a standard text input field. These data fields can be set to display on the Work Order. Now you can select from three options for the custom data field input format:
    • standard text input field
    • check box
    • drop down menu
    The drop down menu gives you the ability to create a list of values to display in the drop down menu.

Custom Data Field Input Format - Bella Solutions Field Service Software

  • Email Alert Default Settings – When scheduling a Job in Bella you have the option to send the Customer, Technician, and Sales Rep an email alert which will attach the Work Order PDF. Now you have the option to set the default email Subject and Body with several options shown in the image below. Every time you send an email the subject and body will auto-populate with the saved settings.
    Also, you have the ability to create and save an email signature which displays each time you send an email. This email signature will be used when sending a Work Order, Estimate, or Invoice email in Bella.

Work Order Email Settings - Bella Solutions Field Service Software

  • Work Order Created By/On Stamp – In the Work Order custom form settings we have added the options to display who created the Work Order and the date and time it was created. This will help larger organizations keep better track of responsibility and also provide more information to the end customer.

These new features have excited our customers by making their jobs much easier! There were many more enhancements added to Bella Solutions Field Service Software. Please join our community to see for yourself. Sign up for a Free Trial today!