Upholstery Cleaners Software

Integrating technology in your business is definitely a step in the right direction. Upholstery Cleaners Service Software from Bella Solutions is a technically advanced cloud hosted solution with all of the features required to streamline your business so that you can concentrate on growing your client portfolio.

Field Service Management

With our software, service calls from new and existing clients are handled promptly and efficiently from estimating to invoicing. It’s no secret that clients want a provider that can deliver great service promptly. The scheduling system that is built right into the software assigns jobs to field technicians along with maps and directions without the need for additional hardware. Work orders can be updated in the field using their portable mobile device. If a job takes longer than expected, the system will align the schedules accordingly to maximize productivity while ensuring on time customer appointments. Once the job ticket is closed, an invoice is generated ensuring accurate and timely billing.

Being able to measure the productivity of each employee is a difficult task unless you are using a system like our upholstery cleaners service software. Also, if you are manually assigning jobs to field techs you may not realize that some employees are getting more work than others which can not only lead to productivity issues, but quality of work as well. Our system will help you spot and avoid bottlenecks by balancing the workload based on individual performance. This will ensure that you are maximizing productivity and reducing waste which results in improved profitability. It is normally challenging when the business secures several orders.

Equipment & Inventory Tracking

Many small businesses use paper or spreadsheets to manage their equipment. This can not only lead to errors, but understating the true costs of running your business can cost you more money and lost profits. Our upholstery cleaners software manages all of your equipment and tracks usage by employee to give you the actual cost of operating your business. You will be able to see if your equipment is operating efficiently so that you can take the appropriate action when you notice any equipment problems. In addition, maintaining adequate stock of your cleaning supplies is essential for maintaining a high quality of service to your customers. If the stock is running low, automatic orders can be made and instant invoice processing done.

Upholstery Cleaners Software from Bella Solutions Benefits

  • Integrates entire business operation into a single solution
  • Improves worker productivity and customer service
  • Accurate accounting of equipment, inventory and other expenses
  • Customizable business reports
  • Download and export data to other applications and providers
  • Compatible with most mobile devices that have Web access

Accounting and Business Reports

Integration of all operations, recording of revenue streams and expenses are all linked to the built-in accounting module that makes the preparation of financial reports a less complicated process. Managers can review a variety of business reports or customize their own using real time data from the application providing up-to-the-minute results. Plus, customer and financial data can be exported for use with third party providers or external software applications like QuickBooks, for example.

Upholstery Cleaners Software from Bella Solutions will help you attain your business objectives and streamline your entire operations.