Office Cleaning Service Software

Office Cleaning Service Software

Leaps in cloud technology have now made it possible to run almost every business using best in class office cleaning service software from Bella Solutions. Engaging in innovative ways of running your office cleaning business will save time and resources which increases profitability and effectiveness for every customer. Regardless of the number of clients or employees you have, managing your commercial janitorial firm has never been simpler.

Our office cleaning service software is fully integrated with all of the features you need to run your entire business.  This is important as it eliminates the need and cost of using different software programs for specific functions. You will have a single system that handles service calls, estimates, invoicing and scheduling.

Field Service Management

We also make it easy to keep track of every ongoing job, the completed jobs as well as materials and labor utilized in accomplishing them. This not only helps ensure more accurate billing, but it also keeps track of the actual amount of time workers spend on every job in real time without having to rely on manual time sheets. Generally, you might have work orders scattered in different locations depending on how you have your field operations established. Our office cleaning service software handles this elegantly by giving administrators the ability to assign users access to specific software functions that can be updated directly from the field using a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Workers can enter information while on site and the system will automatically update accordingly.

Inventory Management

While our office cleaning service software does wonders for field service management, it also keeps track of all of the cleaning materials used and in inventory.  As your field employees use the cleaning products, the system automatically updates the inventory.  This will make sure that you don’t run out of the products that are vital to your business and your cleaners have the tools they need to perform their job correctly for every customer, every time.

Service Schedules

The integrated service scheduling feature is as much of a convenience as an essential tool for workers in the field.  There are times when a cleaning crew will be scheduled to a customer site that is difficult to find, especially in the evening hours when many offices require janitorial service.  We have built-in maps and directions into the scheduling system so that employees don’t waste time in traveling to unfamiliar job locations or when they need to make a detour while en route due to traffic, road or weather conditions.

Service Equipment and Tracking

Our office cleaning service software make it effortless to keep track and maintain equipment and vehicles that are owned by the janitorial firm.  You can assign equipment to employees, keep track of maintenance schedules and manage all of the costs associated with each piece of equipment.  This eliminates the possibility of accounting errors, or more importantly, understating your actual costs, which could cost your company a lot of money.

Service Invoicing, Accounting and QuickBooks

Speaking of accounting, our fully integrated online system makes it extremely easy to manage invoicing and export relevant data into QuickBooks®, and other applications for financial planning. However, a separate accounting package is not necessary.  You can simply give your accountant access to the accounting module.

From the invoice interface, it is easy to view all outstanding debts and paid up orders. Invoices can be created and emailed to the client, thus reducing paperwork and improving cash flow. If a customer has a query, employees can review the history of every job for that client.

Security for your company data is very vital for your business records. It helps to keep all accounts of current customer information while reaching out to new clients as you strive to grow the business. Our software is compliant with the latest advancements in cloud technology.  We maintain continuous back-ups to guard against loss of data.

Time is money. See for yourself how efficient and productive your business will be with office cleaning service software from Bella Solutions.  Sign up for your free trial today!
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