Network Installation Service Software

When it comes to running a business, your organizational skills could be the difference between having a highly successful, profitable company and being stressed, overworked, and unable to keep track of your clientele. Fortunately with the advances in technology that we have today, our field service management software helps your business stay organized. This goes a long way towards retaining your current customer base and making sure they are happy enough to request additional services. Plus, you will now have the time and opportunity to bring in new customers which is the key to business growth.

Regardless of the number of technicians in the field, network installation service software from Bella Solutions has extensive features that will allow you to streamline your field operations so no time is wasted between jobs, no customer is left dissatisfied, and none of your business is lost due to ineffectiveness.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

How many times do you encounter scheduling conflicts? One of the most stressful aspects when you have technicians in the field is getting them to paying clients in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Unfortunately things like customers not being available, jobs taking longer than anticipated, and other factors can make scheduling extremely difficult. Our network installation service software manages the schedules for all of your field technicians, thus eliminating over booking or double booking jobs. Each employee has their own online personal dashboard that provides them with their schedule and assigned tasks. Schedules can be viewed by the day, week and the entire month.

As new jobs come in, the system will automatically calculate the most efficient way to take care of the tasks. If something changes in the field, the technician simply updates the job in the system using their laptop, tablet or smartphone and the software will automatically update all of the other jobs to accommodate the new schedule. Your days of scheduling conflicts are over.

Customer Service Management

Can’t read your handwriting and figure out if a customer is ready for an invoice or if their estimate has been approved? Tired of having to use several different programs to open a client, create their invoice, manage their status, and schedule them for their next appointment?

Our network installation service software allows you to track all of this for every client in a secured online system. Every step of the way you will be able to update details on your clients, sort them by status, and always stay organized.

Improve Service Billing and Accounting Accuracy

When things get stressful, it’s easy for a technician to forget to log something in. This risk will greatly intensify if they have to wait to get back to the office to key everything in or manually write it down. With our network installation service software, your technicians will clock in and out of their jobs, send and receive invoices, estimates, and work orders instantly giving you a more accurate accounting of networking cables, products and other materials used and time spent on each job in real time. In addition, you can export data to other software applications like QuickBooks®, for example, without the need for having to re-enter any data.

Network Installation Service Software Benefits

  • Secured, online anywhere access
  • Avoid service scheduling conflicts
  • Improve billing and payroll accuracy
  • Complete customer management
  • Download and export business data

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