Powerful Equipment Service Software added to Bella Field Service Management for maintenance and tracking of equipment. Many of our clients service onsite customer equipment on a one time basis or ongoing maintenance under a service contract. With Bella, our clients will now be able to streamline this service and easily track history and future service.

Whether you are dispatching field technicians to customer sites using equipment maintenance software, for scheduled service, or emergency repairs, Bella will ensure your employees and vendors have real-time visibility into complete customer history, maintenance contracts and billing details all in one place. Bella Solutions is 100% web-based, the solution is accessible from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet 24/7.

Equipment Service Software

In addition to onsite customer equipment service this new feature can be used to track company equipment that is moved from location to location to provide service to customers. Create a list of company equipment and assign to a customer job. When the job is complete the equipment can be assigned to another customer job and the history of that equipment is saved.

Just a few of the benefits of Bella Equipment Service Software:

  • Know the detailed service history for each piece of equipment you service
  • Know the warranty dates on each piece of equipment you sell so you can bill service work accurately and know when to offer a service contract
  • Keep track of a piece of equipment as it moves between customers or contracts
  • Automatically schedule preventive maintenance service work on equipment that is under contract
  • Price your service contracts based on rates per piece of equipment on the contract
  • Immediately know whether a piece of equipment is covered by a service contract
  • Make sure you propose a service contract on every piece of equipment you sell
  • Know the profitability and repair history of each model of equipment you service