Mobile service management software enable technicians working in the field to report service call status, labor, parts, expenses, and miscellaneous charges using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PDA’s. This information can be transferred via wired or wireless internet connections. Field technicians can manage information from any location, even while on the road, using Bella mobile app remote capability. Because all technician updates are saved whether a technician is logged into the service call management system or not, you can be assured that critical information isn’t lost or forgotten.

Data Availability

  • Customers and addresses
  • Assigned and open service calls by technician
  • Service call history for customer and/or equipment
  •  Installed equipment and serial numbers
  • Service contract information
  • Inventory items and prices

Ease of Use

  • Quick onsite arrival and completion for date/time entry
  • Seamless entry for new service calls in the field
  • Easy updates to existing service calls with parts, labor, expenses, and additional charges

Return on Investment

  • Faster communication between technicians and dispatchers, including reduced phone time
  • Improved service efficiencies that increase customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and fewer transposition errors with one-time data entry

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