In part 3 of this 10 part series we will discuss the need to define your service delivery process. Whether developing new service processes or restructuring existing processes, it is important to map out the entire life cycle of a service ticket, from creation to scheduling to dispatch and finally completion.

Whether you are a small business with a couple employees or a large corporation with thousands of employees the need to involve all impacted stakeholders in the development of your service delivery is vital. Map out each process from receiving an initial lead to providing an estimate to winning the business to providing service to receiving payment. Get an understanding from each stakeholder of what their needs are.

A solid service delivery software should give you the visibility, control and automation needed to provide quality service, addressing all stages of the service life cycle and use of a service business scheduling software.

Key components of the service delivery process:

  • Provide a self-service customer portal
  • Automate provisioning of field resources
  • Increase availability of resources with real-time monitoring
  • Combine the service management process into one solution
  • Provide integration with other Web-based tools to improve overall business management
  • End-to-end view into the entire process

Bella Solutions service delivery software provides the critical components for your business to greatly improve processes. Our customers, big and small can attest to the success they are achieving. Be sure to measure the efficiency of your improved service delivery process and continually make adjustments.