Data Migration – Part 2 of 10 ways to make your business more efficient with Field Service Software

Migrating your data into a Field Service Software solution

Now that you’ve made a decision to streamline your service operations with field service software it is critical for success to gather and import your existing data into the new system. Make certain the software solution you select has import capability and their support team will assist with the import process if needed.

Customers with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Field Service Software Integration
Many of our new customers have QuickBooks with years of data. This data can easily be exported from QuickBooks to Excel and imported into Bella with our import tools for Customers, Vendors, and Items. Going forward, if you decide to continue using QuickBooks for your accounting you only need to enter new data or update existing data in Bella. When you sync the invoices from Bella to QuickBooks the data in QuickBooks will be updated automatically. We will discuss the integration with QuickBooks process in more detail in a later post of this 10 part series.

Customers with paper files

Paper Data Import Process for Field Service Software
Many new customers we work with have years of paper, post it notes, white boards, etc… and no electronic database. The painful truth is this information will need to be somehow converted to electronic format. There is no way around it. It must be done in order to streamline your business to reduce cost and grow. You have options such as hire a temp worker to manually go through all of the paper work and enter your customer and contact information into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. You can find service companies that will scan all of your paper work and covert into electronic format. It is worth the effort!

Customers with multiple data sources

Multiple Database Migration for Field Service Software
Some companies have data in multiple existing systems. Typically these systems will have export capability into formats such as Excel and CSV. Simply export your data from all sources and combine into one spreadsheet. Unfortunately, many businesses we work with have not managed their data properly over the years. Data management is challenging due to the different ways employees enter data and different formats used by systems. This process is a chance to “clean up” you data. Once migrated into a state of the art system such as Bella you will be able to manage and control your data much more efficiently.
Which ever of the above situations your company is in, the data migration process will be successful when partnering with an experienced and strong field service software provider such as Bella Solutions. It may be slightly painful at first but the payoff in the end is well worth the effort.

1 thought on “Data Migration – Part 2 of 10 ways to make your business more efficient with Field Service Software

  1. Mr. ShanonI have tried everything, but there is no way i can stop the user to edit/ dteele transaction. i only assigned them to create and view a particular task but they are still able to edit and dteele the data. i have gone through the rebuild process, uninstalled and reinstalled as you have said but nothing is working. as you have said i can recheck the data in an audit trial report, but it is not practically possible to check such a vast amount of data, it restricts only when the company is closed and logged in again by the user, now it is not possible to monitor whether the user re-logged in after every transaction. i thought the basic reason for the check marks i. e. to create, view, edit, dteele in the (set up user roles) was to assign users what they can and cannot do, i believe the function is not serving its purpose, Quickbook is a very useful software, however this is creating severe problems. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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