Bella Field Service Software Version 5.2 Improves Scheduling, Communication, and Coordination

Reston, Virginia – October 29, 2013 – Bella Solutions, a recognized software developer specialized in technology for Field Service Industries, recently launched Version 5.2. This upgrade notably simplifies the task of jobs scheduling and dispatch, resource allocation, and real-time communication between office and field.

In response to customer input, Bella Field Service Software version 5.2 now offers custom data field inputs, email and text alert default settings, and work order tracking. The company also launched enhancements to its calendaring feature to make dispatch more efficient and organized.

Custom Data Field Inputs: The Work Order interface has been enhanced to allow for three different types of custom data fields including standard text, a check box, or a drop-down menu with a custom list of options. With this enhancement customers may now create a custom checklist, or survey, and much more.

Email and Text Alert Default Settings: To save users time and notably enhance their experience, Bella Solutions now offers auto-population of job information within email alerts sent to customers, technicians, and sales representatives when jobs are scheduled. Email settings are customizable to automatically include the customer name, job status, service location, start or end date and time, work type, or other important information within the subject or body of the email. Users may also opt for a customized email signature.

Work Order Email Settings - Bella Solutions

Work Order ‘Created By/On’ Stamp: To boost tracking and accountability, Bella Field Service Software version 5.2 now offers the option to display who created each Work Order and the date and time created. A date and time stamp is also displayed when the Work Order is modified for tracking purposes.

Enhanced Scheduling and Dispatch: Bella now shows each field resource within their own column when using the calendar ‘Day’ view, with the option to color code each individual and display either their full name or initials. Appointments may be drag-and-dropped efficiently into another time slot or assigned to a different Field resource. Additional calendaring enhancements include more prominently highlighted unassigned jobs and color coding capabilities to customize Location Zones and group appointment Job Status.

Bella Solutions Field Service Scheduling Software - Dispatch Board

“Our latest enhancements improve dispatch efficiency, optimize technician time in the field, and elevate overall usability,” explained John Linn, CEO of Bella Solutions. “Everyone at Bella Solutions would like to thank those users who offered real-world feedback on usability, helping us continually refine our features and functionality to improve our customer’s day-to-day business operations and job satisfaction.

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About Bella Solutions
Bella Solutions is a leading Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider specialized in field service management solutions for a wide range of industries including Construction, Property Management, Cleaning Services, Window Washing, Carpet Cleaning, and IT service firms. The company was founded in 2005 and serves clients nationwide from its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia and satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bella Field Service Software Introduces API Integration with SugarCRM

Reston, VA (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

Bella Solutions, maker of the web-based mobile field service management software, today announced the availability of its new API enabling integration with SugarCRM. Customers using Sugar CRM to manage their sales, marketing, and customer support functions can now use this new API to seamlessly integrate customer data between the two systems.

Multiple Database Migration

Bella Solutions is a brand trusted by companies nationwide to simplify estimating, job management, scheduling, billing and accounting, employee and vendor management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By introducing API integration, Bella significantly expands the capabilities of its software as a service offering. Built-in tools further support programmers looking to extend this interactivity to any other application with an API.

“We’re thrilled to help our customers easily integrate with SugarCRM, one of the fastest-growing customer relationship management companies in the world,” explained John Linn, CEO of Bella Solutions. “By enabling seamless integration with this popular, full-featured CRM solution, we notably improve operational efficiencies – eliminating redundant data entry along with the associated potential for error.” SugarCRM provides calendaring, call center, email, project management, and reporting features, accessible via any web-enabled computer or mobile device, for numerous Bella customers.

Moving forward, Bella Solutions will continue investing in product enhancements that simplify their customer’s workflow and enhance the user experience. To learn more about Bella Solutions or the company’s innovative field service software, visit

About Bella Solutions

Bella Solutions is a leading Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider specialized in field service management solutions for a wide range of industries including property management, cleaning, IT services, and contractors service firms. The company was founded in 2005 and serves clients worldwide from its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia and satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bella Solutions Easy-to-Use Field Service Scheduling Software Feature Enhancement

We are excited to announce a new feature in Bella Field Service Scheduling Software that makes scheduling easier than ever! This has been a long awaited enhancement for our customers making service dispatch more and more streamlined.

In the calendar Day view you can now see each Field Resource (Technician, Sales Rep, Subcontractor, etc…) in their own column. This provides a much clearer view of the daily schedule and easy modifications with drag and drop functionality.

Here are a few highlights of the new feature:

  • Option to set the Field Resource to display by initials or their full name
  • Drag and drop appointments to another time slot
  • Drag and drop appointments to another Field Resource
  • Easily see Unassigned Jobs and drag to a time and Field Resource to dispatch
  • Assign a color code to each Field Resource for easy visual scheduling
  • Assign color codes to customizable Location Zones and Job Status’ to group appointments and optimize your technicians time in the field

In today’s competitive environment your business needs to have the advantage of Bella Dispatch Software. Optimize your workforce and business with:

  • Real time communication between office and technicians to manage field service issues
  • Optimize allocation of field resources to meet anticipated workload
  • Ensure your commitments to your customer can be supported by the service team
  • Easily manage multiple service locations for your business from one system
  • Determine the size, skill, and availability of the workforce you place in each location

As always, Bella Solutions is 100% web-based and accessible from any mobile device including iPad’s, Androids, and all smartphones. We will be announcing more exciting features in the very new future. Stay tuned!

10 ways to make your business more efficient with Field Service Software

Over the next 10 weeks Bella Solutions will be providing an in-depth view into how to make your business more efficient with Bella Field Service Software. Over the past several years we have worked closely with thousands of companies big and small and have learned so much. We would like to share this information and encourage you to reply with your comments for a candid discussion.

First and possibly most important is stop searching and evaluating different possible solutions month after month looking for the perfect fit. Unfortunately, it does not exist. We have worked with many companies that spent so much time and so many resources evaluating different options that they became overwhelmed and never decided on anything or put the decision on hold. This is a situation that delays increased sales and profits and growth for your business.

We understand implementing a field service software solution into your business is an extremely important decision. Whether you are coming from whiteboards and post-it notes or deciding to move away from an out-of-date software package you’ve been using for years, deploying a field service software solution is a critical step to managing and growing your business.

Good Field Service Software is actually a solution like “Bella Field Service Management” solution that provides tools to manage your en business process. You and your employees and possibly your vendors and customers will use it every day all day. Over the years we have designed our software to be easy-to-use and customizable to fit the way you do business. Our customers have been driving the design of the software!

Minimum features you should look for in a Field Service Software solution

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Job / Work Order Management
  • Scheduling / Dispatch
  • Tasks / To do’s
  • Employee Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Estimates / Invoices / Accounting
  • Interface to QuickBooks or other accounting applications
  • Customizable
  • Mobile access

When you find a Field Service Software solution that is close to what you want then get it! Our customers success rate is over 90% for those who make a decision immediately.

Please feel free to comment and remember to follow the additional information we will be posting on this subject over the next 10 weeks.
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Workforce Scheduling: Automating for Results

Source: Aberdeen Group | Workforce Scheduling: Automating for Results | June, 2012

Every day, companies around the world must solve the jigsaw puzzle of scheduling – matching up availability, skills and business demand to create an efficient, effective schedule that meets the needs of various involved stakeholders. After hours spent creating schedules, many organizations still find themselves struggling with overstaffed shifts, or shorthanded rushes. Based on data from 163 organizations collected in May and June 2012, this Research Brief will look at how organizations are optimizing and automating scheduling to improve business results, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Scheduling Automation and Integration

If the right workers with the right skills are not in place at the right time, the organization cannot deliver a profitable, engaging and satisfying customer experience. But building a schedule to accomplish this can be a huge burden, particularly on operational managers. People in this critical role have to balance time spent on customer facing and revenue driving activities with time spent on internal processes like schedule creation and management. So it’s not surprising that organizations seek to automate this important, complex, and time-consuming task.

Best-in-Class organizations in Aberdeen’s June 2012 workforce management study were 29% more likely to indicate they used an automated scheduling solution, compared to all others. And for good reason, given the impact to revenue and customer retention illustrated in Figure 1.  And as Figure 2 shows, organizations automating this process are also reducing the administrative and time burden on operational managers by ensuring greater schedule accuracy, but are improving workforce utilization, allowing organizations to be more productive. The need to improve overall workforce productivity was the top workforce management pressure cited by 69% of respondents in the 2012 workforce management study, and investment in automated scheduling is clearly addressing this critical need.

Automated scheduling can improve the lives of scheduling many stakeholders. Operational managers who are held accountable for creating schedules must do so quickly and efficiently. Financial and business executives want to deliver performance at an acceptable cost. HR leaders need to streamline tactical activities and focus on strategic priorities. And employees want a transparent and fair scheduling process. Automated scheduling addresses all of these issues.

Improving Scheduling Performance

Not only can automated scheduling improve efficiency and performance, it also allows organizations to use scheduling data in new ways (Figure 3).

Organizations with automated scheduling solutions are more than twice as likely as organizations without automated scheduling to provide self-service access to employees – a critical element to improving employee engagement and schedule accuracy. When employees can see and correct scheduling problems in advance, and feel their voice is heard in the scheduling process, they will be happier with the overall experience.

Organizations with automated scheduling are also more than four times as likely to use dashboard tools that can share workforce management data with executives. Labor is the biggest expense in most organizations, and this expense must be balanced against business results. Workforce and labor data dashboards help executives understand how labor budget is spent, and enable better conversations between operational and financial managers about talent needs and investment. This data can also help with future labor forecasting. Understanding past patterns, and the business and financial results of various schedule scenarios, helps organizations plan better in the future. While this can be done manually, organizations that automated scheduling were more than three times as likely to use automated tools to forecast future labor needs, improving accuracy and results.

Automated solutions can also offer additional functionality to manage complex issues like variable customer demand or other factors that may require organizations to staff up or down rapidly to meet business needs. By integrating data, modeling demand, and automatically and dynamically creating and modifying schedules, this functionality can rapidly improve productivity and workforce utilization. Forty-two percent (42%) of organizations with automated scheduling tools also use scenario planning software – solutions that calculate the most effective combination of shifts or day models based on staffing needs. Only 2% of organizations with manual scheduling are taking advantage of this kind of functionality, so clearly automation is critical to optimizing schedule performance. This capability is also a critical differentiators of Best-in-Class performance. Automated solutions also save time and improve efficiency by helping managers fill open shifts. Organizations with automated scheduling in place are nearly 10 times as likely (29% vs. 3%) to enable managers to automatically send notification of open shifts to employees via text, interactive voice response or email, helping to avoid managers spending hours tracking down employees to fill in for an unexpected absence.

Key Insights

Automation is a logical choice for improving efficiency, and, when done well it can also have a significant impact on effectiveness and customer and employee engagement. When evaluating automated scheduling solutions, consider the following points:

  • Implement with all stakeholders in mind. Automated scheduling solutions can be a significant investment, but this investment can be justified easily by building a business case that focuses on all key stakeholder groups – operations, finance HR, IT, employees and customers. By creating efficiencies and using schedule data to improve effectiveness and business impact, organizations can quickly measure the impact of automated scheduling. As shown in the case study, it’s smart to know how projected performance improvements will pay for the investment in automation when building a business case.
  • Make automation the foundation for integration. Scheduling does not exist in a vacuum. Automation of scheduling alone can result in less manager time spent on manual processes, happier employees and more accurate schedules. But automating scheduling and using scheduling data along with data from other workforce management processes (such as time and attendance) can have an even greater impact. Feeding performance data into the schedule and correlating schedules with business output creates a feedback loop that helps improve not only scheduling but overall business performance.
  • Know your business drivers. In organizations that are highly schedule dependent –where the right person with the right skills to meet the customer need is critical to business results – HR and the business must be completely aligned. If HR and operations don’t come together to design a scheduling process that speaks to key business drivers, scheduling solutions will never have the desired impact. A bad process, automated, will only produce disappointing results faster. Organizations must understand the business drivers and critical inputs to their scheduling process before automation begins.

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Recently added Field Service Software features:

Job Payments / Deposit / Prepay

  • Payments may be entered directly on the Job page with the “Payment/Deposit” button.
  • Deposits or Prepays may be entered directly on the Job page with the “Payment/Deposit” button.
  • “Total Paid” and “Balance Due” display on the Job page.
  • Payments and Balance display on Work Order and Invoice forms to send to your Customer.

Color Codes Displaying in Lists

  • Customer List – “Location Zone” column displays assigned Location Zone color codes.
  • Job List – “Job Status” column displays assigned Job Status color codes.
  • Employee List – “Employee Name” column displays assigned Employee color codes.
  • Vendor List – “Vendor Name” column displays assigned Vendor color codes.

New Customer Address Default

  • A State/Province “set as default” checkbox has been added on the Customer page to select a State/Province as the default value each time you create a new Customer.

Invoice “Bill To” Options

  • The Invoice page now allows you to select either the “Parent” or “Subsidiary” Customer as the “Bill To” Customer.

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Details for Mobile Service Management Software

Mobile service management software enable technicians working in the field to report service call status, labor, parts, expenses, and miscellaneous charges using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PDA’s. This information can be transferred via wired or wireless internet connections. Field technicians can manage information from any location, even while on the road, using Bella mobile app remote capability. Because all technician updates are saved whether a technician is logged into the service call management system or not, you can be assured that critical information isn’t lost or forgotten.

Data Availability

  • Customers and addresses
  • Assigned and open service calls by technician
  • Service call history for customer and/or equipment
  •  Installed equipment and serial numbers
  • Service contract information
  • Inventory items and prices

Ease of Use

  • Quick onsite arrival and completion for date/time entry
  • Seamless entry for new service calls in the field
  • Easy updates to existing service calls with parts, labor, expenses, and additional charges

Return on Investment

  • Faster communication between technicians and dispatchers, including reduced phone time
  • Improved service efficiencies that increase customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and fewer transposition errors with one-time data entry

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Franchise Software Providing Real-time Online Visibility into Franchisees

Reston, VA (PRWEB) July 29, 2011  Bella Solutions announces web-based customizable Franchise Software. The online solution provides a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for new or established Franchisors or companies that need to manage multiple locations. Franchise software is essential for managing a successful Franchise business providing these key features:

  • Gives Franchisees the tools they need to easily manage their business improving the opportunity for increasing revenue and success.
  • Gives Franchisor complete and real-time visibility into all Franchisees.
  • Connects the Franchisor and Franchisees to improve communication and collaboration resulting in better run franchise businesses.
  • New Franchisee set up in minutes with pre-selected custom settings for consistency.
  • Immediate control to turn off Franchisee access.
  • Branded for uniformity across all Franchisees.
  • Automated Royalty Reports.
  • Mobile access from iPad, iPhone, Droid phones and tablets for the Franchisor and Franchisee.

Company officials stated, “With a web-based solution Franchisors are now able to afford enterprise level customizable software to manage their business and easily roll out to all Franchisees. We work close with our customers to provide the optimal solution maximizing Franchisee revenues resulting in increased royalties.”

For the Franchisee, Bella Solutions Franchise Software connects field resources in real-time to back office data, schedules, customer data and history. As a result, service is completed faster, more service requests are resolved on the first visit, and service tracking is improved, all of which reduce errors, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase profits. Franchisees save time and money by reducing paper work, errors, and running reports, therefore spend more time focusing on business.

About Bella Solutions:
Bella Solutions is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) provider for the Field Service Industry. Bella provides the ability to streamline business operations by providing CRM, Service Management, Scheduling, Equipment Maintenance, Employee and Vendor Management, Inventory Tracking, Invoicing, and Accounting entirely online. Bella is customizable with complete mobile access from iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Tablets.With more companies looking to reduce costs while increasing revenues, Bella Solutions customer base is growing rapidly by providing a low cost easy-to-use SaaS solution.

What Is Real Time Service and Why Do Field Organizations Need It?

Services organizations are what keep businesses up-and-running. Services and Equipment doesn’t run by itself – people make it run. But when the equipment or service isn’t running the way it should, that is when services organizations need to step in make it all happen. Every business’s service operation is comprised of a “collection of moving parts” – including service personnel, the call center, and the installed base of systems and equipment – and that all of these components need to be working together in order to solve customer problems. A strong Mobile Field Service Software is key to your business success.

Thus, it only makes sense that since system failures occur in real time, that system “fixes” should also occur in real time. This is the principal rationale behind what most industry analysts have seen as the market’s need for wireless-based, real-time service management.

Let Your Business Drivers Direct Your selection towards Bella Solutions Field Service Software

Whichever service management software your organization ultimately chooses, it’s most important consideration should be the ability to match the benefits of the selected package directly to its unique business drivers. As such, it is critical to identify your primary business drivers before selecting the vendor and package that best meets your requirements. These business drivers, or objectives, include:

Reduced Operating Costs and Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduced number of callbacks
  • Reduced use of vehicles on non-service related activities
  • Minimized time between work completion and invoicing

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Increased service order completions
  • Improved resource utilization through more efficient dispatching
  • Better communication with field workforce
  • More accurate record-keeping
  • Automation of simple, yet time-consuming tasks

Improved Productivity of Field Service Personnel

  • More efficient scheduling and routing
  • Reduced wait time for contact, contract, or part information
  • Reduced paperwork

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

  • Quicker response time
  • Increased number of calls completed on the first visit
  • Decreased billing disputes

Better Inventory Management

  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Improved re-order program
  • Higher inventory availability

Improved Tracking and Visibility

  • Electronic service orders ensure accuracy
  • Improved vehicle, inventory, and technician location capability
  • Real-time status updates
  • Customers can initiate and check call status online

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SSL Encryption Implemented Providing Increased Data Security

Bella Solutions takes the security and privacy of your company data very serious when using our online service management software. We implemented 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL) which secures your data when accessing information over the internet. This is the same technology used by banks, financial institutions, and most large companies.

In addition, your data is secure and backed up daily on our servers hosted at a leading managed hosting provider Rackspace offers a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and considered one of the leaders in managed hosting. You own your company data and may freely export at anytime with our reporting features.

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