We recently launched Bella Field Service Software v5.2 which includes several enhancements to further streamline operations for businesses in the Field Service Industry. These enhancements are a direct result of our customer’s feedback. We continue to develop and build the software based on customer needs.

Bella Solutions v5.2 includes several enhancements in addition to the following examples:

  • Custom Data Field Input Options – Bella already had the ability to add custom data fields to the Customer profile page and Job page which had a standard text input field. These data fields can be set to display on the Work Order. Now you can select from three options for the custom data field input format:
    • standard text input field
    • check box
    • drop down menu
    The drop down menu gives you the ability to create a list of values to display in the drop down menu.

Custom Data Field Input Format - Bella Solutions Field Service Software

  • Email Alert Default Settings – When scheduling a Job in Bella you have the option to send the Customer, Technician, and Sales Rep an email alert which will attach the Work Order PDF. Now you have the option to set the default email Subject and Body with several options shown in the image below. Every time you send an email the subject and body will auto-populate with the saved settings.
    Also, you have the ability to create and save an email signature which displays each time you send an email. This email signature will be used when sending a Work Order, Estimate, or Invoice email in Bella.

Work Order Email Settings - Bella Solutions Field Service Software

  • Work Order Created By/On Stamp – In the Work Order custom form settings we have added the options to display who created the Work Order and the date and time it was created. This will help larger organizations keep better track of responsibility and also provide more information to the end customer.

These new features have excited our customers by making their jobs much easier! There were many more enhancements added to Bella Solutions Field Service Software. Please join our community to see for yourself. Sign up for a Free Trial today!