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A roofing business can be very hectic and it doesn’t take long to be hot under the collar. Your day is filled with customers requesting new roofs, roof repairs and services while tending to your employees in the field. Having to follow-up on customer quotes, scheduling and re-scheduling employees and accurate record keeping can be a full time job if you don’t have the right tools.

Getting caught up in paperwork can be a nightmare and dramatically lower productivity, not to mention morale. Roofing Service Software from Bella Solutions has the features that not only solve these challenges, but it will also help you grow your business and increase profitability.

Streamlined Service Business Management

Roofing service software comes with many features that will boost the efficiency regarding management. The software’s ability to consolidate routing, work orders and flow as well as estimates in an automated manner makes all the difference. This simply means that a company can get orders fast and then dispatch its workers to the field without wasting any time. Consequently, work will get done faster an in a more efficient manner. This is one sure way to boost productivity. This management streamlining approach will also reduce stress and produce more accurate results.

Online Customer Quotes

Every business person knows that catering to the customer in an effective manner is the key to success. When it comes to quotations, doing it manually is time consuming leading to loss of leads. Roofing service software is designed and automated to give customers quick quotations that are accurate and suitable. This does not just save time but it helps in making a good impression hence attracting more clientele. In this regard, productivity is boosted a great deal. Additionally, invoicing and receipt issuance is also automated enhancing accuracy. On the ground, a business can provide vital documents to eliminate major errors.

Enhanced marketing

Marketing is the cornerstone of any roofing service business. The more refined your marketing efforts are, the more leads you will have to generate the sales you need to grow your business.  Our leading roofing service software includes everything you need to market your roofing business efficiently with the client and prospect data that is already in the system.  This will allow you to maximize the potential revenue for every customer and follow-up with previous customers to cross sell other roofing services you offer.  Since our roofing service software is available while you are on the go, you will be able to respond to customer inquiries with professional quotes and emails with just a few clicks.

Mobile Field Service Management

Your mobile; shouldn’t your business data be mobile too?  All of your business information is securely stored in the cloud.  Every aspect of your business is completely accessible from any location where the Internet is available, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.  This eliminates the need to carry and store paperwork that can be easily lost or misplaced.  Plus, you can bring your data down to earth and export it to other applications like MS Excel®, e-mail, QuickBooks® and others.

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